Survey results find that Redland Hospital is the biggest local concern

Survey results find that Redland Hospital is the biggest local concern

Federal Member for Bowman, Henry Pike MP, has released the results of a recent city-wide survey which has found that Redland Hospital and healthcare services are the most widespread area of concern for local residents.

“I expected health and hospital outcomes to be a key interest for our Redland community, but I was surprised to find a staggering 82% of respondents identified it as their top issue of concern,” Mr Pike said.

“The community sentiment in the Redlands is that the hospital is in crisis, with unsustainably high levels of ambulance ramping and recent news from the State Government that promised Stage 1 upgrades at the hospital are significantly delayed.”

Mr Pike said that his recent survey, distributed to all local households, also identified other pressing issues for Redlanders including, 48% of respondents identifying support for older Australians and aged care as an area of concern and 47% highlighting reducing the cost-of-living pressures on families.

“There’s a lot of local households who are feeling the full impact of energy rise rises, rising rents and inflation eroding the value of their wages. I’ll be pushing for government responses to these pressures that will actually make a difference to locals,” Mr Pike said.

41% of respondents are concerned about local overdevelopment, 37% would like to see the duplication of the Cleveland Rail Line and 36% highlighted hooning and anti-social behaviour as an area of concern.

“It is clear that the Redlands has not received its fair share of funding. With poor management of hospitals, lack of investment in infrastructure and juvenile crime on the rise, many locals have felt ignored and overlooked,” Mr Pike said.

“Our community has spoken, and I am listening. I will continue to advocate to the new federal government to ensure that Redlands gets their fair share in funding to address these areas of key concern.”