Save Australia Day

Save Australia Day

Australians love Australia Day and want to keep it on 26 January.

It is a day about people, not politics.

Politicians should not be able to change our national holiday on a whim, that's why I need your support to save Australia Day.

Australia Day marks a significant moment in history for our nation, and we need the same protections for Australia Day as our national flag and ANZAC Day.

That's why I have introduced the Australia Day Bill 2023 to the Australian Parliament to prevent politicians changing the date from 26 January without first seeking the public's approval through a plebiscite.

Sign this petition to show your support of the Australia Day bill. 

Your support is crucial. Tell Canberra this Bill should be debated, and we need to change the law. By working together we can Save Australia Day.

Will you join the fight?

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Will you sign?

We firmly believe that the current date of Australia Day should be maintained and not changed without a plebiscite.

We urge the Government and call on all federal Members of Parliament to recognise the importance of Australia Day and support the Australia Day Bill 2023.

We call on all Australians to come together and celebrate our shared history, culture and achievements on January 26th.

Henry Pike MP
Member for Bowman