Defend Australia Day

Defend Australia Day

While we have defeated the Voice, we are still fighting to #DefendAustraliaDay and protect it through legislation. 

It's clear that gutless politicians led by Anthony Albanese would love Australia Day to just go away. 

He would have loved for the Voice to win and advise that 26 January needed to be changed, or that we should not celebrate "Australia Day" at all. 

Instead, their latest tactics are to CANCEL AUSTRALIA DAY BY STEALTH.

Albanese has already rolled back laws ensuring woke councils could not change the date of Australia Day Citizenship Ceremonies and his hand-picked High Commissioner to the UK has cancelled Australia Day events at our Embassy in London. 

If we are going to make a difference, we need to grow our movement. Join the campaign below and keep a close eye out on your inbox for more updates. 

- Henry 

Australia Day is about about people, not politics. 

Politicians should not be able to change our national day on a whim, without public approval, that's why I need your support to defend Australia Day.

Australia Day marks a significant moment in history for our nation, and we need the same protections for Australia Day as our national flag and ANZAC Day.

I have introduced the Australia Day Bill 2023 to the Australian Parliament to prevent politicians changing the date from 26 January without first getting the public's approval through a plebiscite.

Currently, Anthony Albanese and the Labor Government will not bring the Bill before the Parliament. 

Your support is crucial.

Sign this petition to show your support for Australia Day and for the Australia Day 2023 bill. 

We need to tell Anthony Albanese and Labor that 26 January needs to be protected by legislation. 

Our national day belongs to all Australians and by working together we can defend #DefendAustraliaDay. 

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Will you sign?

26 January is Australia Day and should not changed be without approval by the Australian people via a plebiscite.

We urge the Government and call on all federal Members of Parliament to recognise the importance of Australia Day and support the Australia Day Bill 2023.

We call on all Australians to come together and celebrate our shared history, culture and achievements on January 26th.

Henry Pike MP
Member for Bowman