Stop Redlands’ Fuel Price Rip-Off

Stop Redlands’ Fuel Price Rip-Off

How much extra are you paying? 

The average Redlander is paying nearly $500 more each year for fuel than our friends in Brisbane.

It simply isn’t fair. We’re just down the road, not in the middle of nowhere.

Sky-high fuel prices don’t just cost locals at the bowser. They drive up economy-wide inflation and force up costs across every sector and industry.

Governments are not powerless to deal with fuel prices.

Weak competition policy from the Federal Government is letting fuel companies get away with ripping off Redlanders. They need to give the ACCC the teeth to investigate anticompetitive conduct within the fuel industry, and take action to stamp it out.

I need your help to end the rip-off of Redlanders.

Use my fuel cost calculator to find out how much extra you have been paying, and add your name to my call for government action.