Redlands Native Title Claim

Native Title Claim

Many locals are blissfully unaware that there is currently a Native Title claim over much of the Redlands.
The claim covers approximately 3500 Council-owned or managed properties including some of our city’s most iconic sites such as Wellington Point reserve, Cleveland Point reserve, Cleveland Cemetery, the Redlands Performing Arts Centre and many of our local playgrounds. 

The below map indicates all the sites subject to the Native Title claim, highlighted in red. Make sure you click the map below and zoom in to see your street and suburb!

Redland City Council is seeking clarity from the Federal Court to determine if native title has been extinguished on many of these sites. This is an incredibly expensive and lengthy process that will potentially cost ratepayers millions and take years to progress.

To achieve fair and just outcomes on these matters, it had been the approach of the Commonwealth Government for many years to provide financial support to both the Native Title claimants and the respondents. Regrettably, the Albanese Government has recently chosen to abolish the Native Title Respondent Funding Scheme (NTRFS). I have made multiple requests to the Attorney General to have respondent funding restored for the Redlands. Sadly these requests have been dismissed.

Join me in the fight for respondent funding to achieve a fair and just outcomes for both claimants and respondents.

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We call on the Federal Government to restore the Native Title Respondent Funding Scheme (NTRFS), to ensure financial support provided to both Native Title claimants and the respondents.

It is crucial that the Government ensures a fair and just outcome for all parties involved in Native Title claims. Restoring this funding would be a positive step in that direction.