Take a stand against additional aircraft noise in our community

Take a stand against additional aircraft noise in our community

I need your help.

There has been a push to divert more flights to and from Brisbane Airport, away from the inner-city and over bayside suburbs. There has been an increase in flights over the Redlands in the last twelve months and Airservices Australia are exploring options including redirecting even more departure routes towards the Redlands. Last year there was a 35% increase in the number of flights departing Brisbane Airport over the bayside.

Shifting the problem of aircraft noise onto our bayside community is not a fair or evidence-based solution. Redland residents chose to live here for a quieter lifestyle, while inner-city residents chose to live for more convenience and the hustle-and-bustle.

Airservices Australia are continuing to consult and there has been an array of community consultation, with more to come, but my message will be clear – I will fight against any erosion in the amenity of the Redlands.

I will be keeping an extremely close eye on this situation on behalf of my community and will continue to push-back strongly on any proposal that is not in the best interests of the Redlands. But I need the community’s help to demonstrate the level of objection to these proposals.

Please sign up to our 'Redlanders Against Diversions and Amenity Reduction' (RADAR) community advocacy group to take a stand against additional aircraft noise in our community. As a subscriber to RADAR you'll receive regular updates on the opportunities to influence the upcoming consultations and to help raise awareness of the proposed changes within our community.

It is only through ‘people power’ that we can affect change. Together, we can make a difference and reclaim the peaceful, quiet skies that our bayside community deserves.

Henry Pike MP
Member for Bowman

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The Redlands should not be forced to have more planes flying overhead just because that is what people under the existing flight paths in Brisbane would prefer.

By signing up to our "RADAR" community advocacy group we will keep you up to date with the latest developments and opportunities to fight against increased air traffic over the Redlands.