About Henry Pike

About Henry Pike

My wife Kate and I love living and raising our young family here in the Redlands.

I am honoured to work on behalf of the Redlands community as our representative in the federal parliament.

As a father, husband, and active Redlands community member, I know how important it is for our community to have someone who will fight and deliver for them.

The Redlands has experienced massive population growth, yet we haven’t had the matching investment in our roads, schools, hospital and island infrastructure.

I am fighting for the investment that our community deserves and will work hard to make sure that federal funding is converted into better roads, not political slanging matches.

I built a career as a policy analyst and advocate across a range of Australia’s largest industries. I know how important it is to remove the constraints on our economy, so we can create jobs and unlock our full potential. Only then can we rebuild our economy and secure our nation’s long term future.

My mission is to create a better future for Redlanders.

There is something very different about living in the Redlands and it’s more than just our beautiful environment. We are a community that cares about each other, and it is in that spirit that I am seeking to representing us.

Henry Pike MP
Member for Bowman