Redlands to get three Air Noise Monitors

Redlands to get three Air Noise Monitors

Federal Member for Bowman, Henry Pike, has welcomed the news that after widespread community advocacy Redlands has secured three air noise monitors to measure the impact of increased flights affecting the city.

Noise monitoring is the process of measuring and assessing the levels of aircraft noise and the impact on the environment and the people who live and work in the area. The monitors will also be used to identify ways to mitigate or reduce the noise.

“I have been fighting against a push to divert more flights away from the inner-city and over bayside suburbs,” Mr Pike said.

“These new monitors will give our community the empirical data required to demonstrate the level of noise increase that we are experiencing, and are likely to experience under any proposed changes.”

“These new monitors which will be in place by the end of January and have been carefully selected by the Brisbane Airport Corporation to measure the impact of recent changes.”

One air noise monitor will be installed in Thornlands while two will be placed in locations at Wellington Point. The data collected from the monitors will provide useful insights into the noise levels in these areas and help inform decisions about future noise management.

The exact location of the properties on which the air noise monitors will be placed has been kept confidential to protect the privacy of the owners.

“Over 1,400 locals across the Redlands have signed my petition against increases in local aircraft noise. This new data will provide further evidence of the disruption that changed flightpaths have caused Redlanders.”

“I am pleased that the community’s advocacy has led to the installation of these new monitors.”

“I will be keeping an extremely close eye on this situation on behalf of the community in 2023 and will push-back strongly on any proposal that is not in the best interests of the Redlands.”