Pike launches aircraft noise petition

Pike launches aircraft noise petition

Member for Bowman, Henry Pike MP, has launched a community petition to demonstrate the level of local opposition to proposed Brisbane flight path changes currently being considered by Airservices Australia.

The petition comes after Airservices Australia’s Trax Report, released in mid-August, recommended consideration of more flights over the bay and proposed options to redirect existing departure routes over Redland suburbs.

“The flight path review process will be ongoing, and there will be an array of consultation to come, but I need the community’s help to send the clear message that we will not accept any erosion in the amenity of the Redlands,” Mr Pike said.

“Redland residents chose to live here for a quieter lifestyle, while inner-city residents chose to live close to the city for more convenience and the hustle-and-bustle.”

“Shifting the problem of aircraft noise away from the inner-city and over our bayside community is not an equitable or evidence-based solution, and we need to collectively raise our voices in opposing it.”

The petition has been launched following an Airservices Australia consultation workshop in Capalaba last week. The workshop  was shifted from Bribie Island at late notice following Mr Pike’s advocacy for consultation to take place in the Redlands.

Despite the late notice, the workshop was one of the best attended across South East Queensland and demonstrated a growing concern in the community about the proposed changes.

Mr Pike said many local residents are already complaining of more aircraft noise following the adoption of ‘Simultaneous opposite direction parallel runway operations’ (SODPROPS) in February, which results in more planes over the bay.

Mr Pike said that it was critical for the Redlands community to mobilise against these proposals now, rather than waiting for decisions to be made over the next twelve months.

“When it comes to aircraft noise, it is often the loudest objectors that carry the day. It is critical that the community demonstrate their level of objection to these proposals before they take off,” Mr Pike said.

Mr Pike’s petition opposes changes which will affect our bayside communities and requests that further consultation be conducted with the Redlands about the impact of proposed changes, prior to any decisions being made.

The petition can be accessed at www.henrypike.com.au/flight_path_petitionAirservices Australia are expected to release a final report in October with options for further flight path design and analysis.