Pike calls for extension of HomeBuilder deadline

Pike calls for extension of HomeBuilder deadline

Member for Bowman, Henry Pike, is calling on the Federal Government to provide an urgent extension to looming deadlines of the Homebuilder program to ensure local families do not miss out.

30 April 2023 is looming large for many local Redland families who are seeking to begin construction work on a new home by this date to be eligible for the Federal Government’s HomeBuilder grant.

HomeBuilder, established by the former Liberal and Nationals Government, provided $25,000 or $15,000 grants to eligible home buyers to boost confidence to build or rebuild a home during the pandemic period.

“This was a period of great economic uncertainty and this program protected jobs and boosted economic activity in the construction industry,” Mr Pike said.

“Unfortunately, I have had many locals reach out to me who are struggling to meet the HomeBuilder deadlines due to industry-wide circumstances that are well beyond their control.”

Due to significant supply chain and labour market disruptions in the construction industry, the previous Government provided an extension of time to HomeBuilder applicants in 2021, allowing applicants an additional 12 months to commence construction from the date of the building contract signing.

“Many locals people who entered into building contracts in good faith during this heavily disrupted period shouldn't have the grant withheld because of delays that have occurred through no fault of their own.”

“I’m urging the Government to further extend the deadlines so that those who have already applied do not miss out simply because of construction delays.”

“With their deadlines looming, these local applicants are now receiving letters asking if they would like to withdraw from their Home Builder Grant application, which is only adding to their stress.”

“Despite requests for extensions due to unanticipated delays caused by supply constraints, as well as administrative delays at the state and local government level, the government has not taken any action.”

Mr Pike is asking the Government to urgently intervene and provide a further extension to all existing HomeBuilder applicants to have more time to begin construction and become eligible for the grant.

Mr Pike emphasised that the Home Builder program has supported 28,989 Queenslanders into their first home, of which many Redlands residents have benefited.

“Buying and building a new home is stressful enough. I think that it is only fair that the Government urgently provide an extension of time to existing applicants to ensure that these Redlanders are able to receive the support they were expecting.”