Pike calls for better mobile coverage

Pike calls for better mobile coverage

Federal Member for Bowman, Henry Pike, says that pockets of the Redlands are experiencing significant issues with poor mobile phone reception.

“As more people have transitioned away from the landline, poor mobile coverage is not only an inconvenience but also a potential safety risk,” Mr Pike said.

“In today's digital age, reliable mobile phone service is a necessity, not a luxury, and people living in suburban communities should be able to enjoy excellent mobile coverage.”

To address the problem, Mr Pike is conducting a community campaign to advocate for better mobile phone coverage in the Redlands.

Mr Pike is seeking the help of Redlanders to develop a map of local mobile reception strength. By collecting data on signal strength, the campaign aims to identify specific blackspot areas and better understand the extent of the local problem. A survey link and information has been mailed to every household within the Redlands.

This information will inform Mr Pike’s efforts to work with mobile phone companies, the federal government, and other stakeholders to deliver infrastructure improvements.

With over 2000 responses so far, Mr Pike said that the problem is not limited to the far reaches of the bay islands but is also present in many pockets of mainland suburbs.

“Official mobile coverage maps are often inaccurate or don’t provide sufficient detail, which makes it difficult to identify areas in need of improvement,” Mr Pike said.

“The former Federal Liberal and Nationals Government funded over 1,300 mobile base stations across Australia to improve coverage, including on Russell and North Stradbroke Islands,” Mr Pike said.

“I will be applying pressure on the Labor government to match this level of investment and ensure the Redlands receives its fair share of improvements.”

To participate in the community data collection process, concerned residents are encouraged to visit www.henrypike.com.au/mobile_coverage and rate the strength of the signal in their location.

“By contributing to this campaign, Redlanders can help to paint a more accurate picture of the situation than the official mobile coverage maps.”

“Together, we can make a positive change in our community.”