Fix Valley Way and Mount Cotton Road

Fix Valley Way and Mount Cotton Road

Through extensive doorknocking in Mount Cotton, I have found that the number one issue raised by residents is the severe congestion during peak hours on Valley Way and Mount Cotton Road. The frustration with the heavy traffic is palpable, and it is clear that this is a major concern for the community.

For far too long, our community has been calling for tangible solutions to address the congestion on these roads. As Mount Cotton continues to grow and develop, it is imperative that we implement effective measures to alleviate the traffic problems. 

We need comprehensive planning and infrastructure improvements that will accommodate the increasing population and ensure smoother traffic flow. 

Our community deserves to see real progress, and it is high time decisive action is taken to resolve the congestion issues plaguing Valley Way and Mount Cotton Road.

I need your help to make the case for this long-overdue investment.

Join LNP state candidate Susanna Damianopoulos and I to add your voice to call for safety upgrades and congestion busting solutions.

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