More funding to get Redland kids into preschool

More funding to get Redland kids into preschool

LNP Candidate for Bowman, Henry Pike, has heralded new Federal Government preschool funding as a gamechanger for Redland families.

The Commonwealth and Queensland governments have signed a preschool funding agreement that will benefit more than 1,568 Redland children in the year before school over the next four years.

Mr Pike said the funding was focused on improving preschool participation and outcomes for disadvantaged children.

The Preschool Reform Agreement confirms up to $360 million of Commonwealth funding for preschool in Queensland from 2022 to 2025.

“This agreement will ensure local children have access to high-quality preschool options and are better prepared for their first year of school,” Mr Pike said.

“Every child in the Redlands will now have the opportunity to attend at least 15 hours of preschool a week in the year before they start school.”

“As the father of two kids who’ve greatly benefitted from attending local Redlands preschools, I know the difference that early educators make to the development of our little ones.”

The Commonwealth funding is linked to a package of new preschool reforms, aimed at improving preschool participation and developing a uniform national outcomes measure that will lead to future improvements to preschooling across Australia.

“The Federal Liberal and National Government’s investment in early childhood education also includes around $10 billion a year through the childcare system to reduce out-of-pocket expenses for families using childcare and to improve workforce participation,” Mr Pike said.

“I’m really pleased to see both levels of government working together to ensure better outcomes for Redland families.”

The Federal Government is working with other states and territories to ensure they can have similar agreements in place, and funding certainty, ahead of the 2022 preschool year.