Hospital staff to be stung by new parking fees at Redland Hospital

Hospital staff to be stung by new parking fees at Redland Hospital

Staff at Redland Hospital are being advised of new parking charges which will impose a significant new impost on their cost of travel.

New information being provided to full time staff reveals that they will be charged $72.30 for a ten day fortnight, with an annual cost of $1879, while part-time staff will incur a cost of $42.38 for a six day fortnight, resulting in an annual cost of $1102.

State Member for Oodgeroo, Dr Mark Robinson MP, and Federal Member, Henry Pike MP, are reiterating their call for the State Labor Government to abandon its plans to charge staff at Redland Hospital for parking.

“Our hard-working hospital staff do a fantastic job despite being let down by a broken system. The last thing we need is for them to be stung by new parking fees.” Dr Robinson said.

“Sadly we have a State Labor Government not prepared to listen to the community’s call to keep parking free at Redland Hospital.”

In October, Mr Pike wrote to the Y’vette D’ath the Queensland Health Minister asking for a commitment that there would be no parking fees at the hospital, or, failing this, to hypothecate all revenue raised through the imposition of parking fees to capital upgrades at Redland Hospital. The request has gone unanswered.

A new multi-level carpark is being completed at Redland Hospital with the support of a $16 million contribution from the former Federal Liberal and Nationals Government. The State Government intends to impose fees on the new carpark and across all the areas where it is currently free to park.

“The Federal Government did not help fund this new carpark just to create a new revenue stream for the State Government,” Mr Pike said.

“We want to see the State Government change their position and commit to keeping parking

Staff have also been advised that there will be no reduction in parking fees for staff members who are on leave or unwell.