Final Report notes Redlands noise concerns

Final Report notes Redlands noise concerns

Federal Member for Bowman, Henry Pike, says that Airservices Australia’s final report into the future of Brisbane’s flight paths has recognised widespread community concerns about proposals to increase flights over the Redlands.

The final report noted Mr Pike’s submission to the consultation process which included the signatures of 1,200 locals who opposed increased aircraft noise over Redland suburbs.

“Our community’s vocal opposition to some of the earlier proposals have led to some good outcomes, including an acknowledgement that flights should be higher before they cross bayside suburbs,” Mr Pike said.

“However, the changes to the flight paths recommended by Airservices will affect our bayside community.”

“The report recommends maximising the number of flights departing over the bay, particularly on weekday evenings, Saturday afternoons and Sunday mornings.”

“The most troubling recommendations involve options to redesign southern departure routes to turn sharply over the Redlands, this would represent a significant increase in noise over our suburbs.”

Mr Pike has been leading a public campaign against proposals to shift aircraft noise away from inner city suburbs and over the bayside.

Mr Pike said that his petition against the proposals have generated widespread community interest, with signatories spread evenly across the city.

“Whilst I have already made a submission to the report, met regularly with Airservices, spoken in parliament on this matter, and written to the Minister, I will be stepping up my campaign against aircraft noise in the new year,” Mr Pike said.

The recommendations in the final report, will require detailed design work, environmental assessment, and consultation. Whilst, this process may take several years to be finalised, Airservices have indicated that increasing the number of flights over the bay could begin in early 2023.

“This is not an outcome that is acceptable and I will be renewing my efforts against the proposals in 2023.”