Say No To the Divisive Voice

Say No To The Voice

We should stay one and free not two divided! 

Sign the pledge to STOP the DIVISIVE VOICE. 

This referendum is not simply about recognising Indigenous Australians in the Constitution. This could easily be achieved without a risky Voice.

This Voice proposal goes much further. It represents the biggest change to the Constitution ever and it goes to the heart of our Australian egalitarian sense of mateship and equality.

It’s a big decision.

However, the Government refuses to provide even the most basic details. Australians are being asked to vote on this question before we have the answers.

While we don’t know how many members it will have, how it will be elected, and what it will lobby for, we do know that senior architects of the Voice are saying it will be a first step to treaty, compensation, and other radical changes like abolishing Australia Day.

When we need to unite the country, this will forever divide us.

Once a change like this has been made to the Constitution, there’s no going back. It’s permanent.

This decision affects every Australian.

If you don’t know, SAY NO.

Will you sign?

I pledge to SAY NO to the DIVISIVE VOICE.