The Albanese Labor Government wants to adopt a contentious Human Rights Act written and championed by activists.
A Human Right Act, or Bill or Rights, has been floated over 10 times before in Australia’s history. The idea was considered unnecessary by the framers of our Constitution and has been rejected by every government since federation.
This Human Rights Act isn’t about protecting human rights. It is a Trojan Horse for lawyers and activists to pursue social agendas that cannot be progressed successfully through the ballot box.
Australia has been a world leader in the defence of human rights. We do not need risky new laws that interfere with our existing rights.
Labor's proposed Act selectively and deliberately devalues protections for the freedoms of thought, conscience, religion and belief.
Many experts have said that this legislation is a dangerous departure from international norms and could result in excessive restrictions on the freedoms of religion and expression in Australia.
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A Human Rights Act will weaken Australia’s democratic tradition.
It would insert vague concepts into our law that require judicial interpretation. It is a convenient way for politicians to handball difficult decisions to unelected judges. It is a recipe for American-style conflicts between the judiciary and the government.
The proposal is a bizarre reimagining of human rights with key rights deleted and absolute rights not recognised as such. It is unnecessary and dangerous.
Australians have to stand up now to protect their rights and our democratic tradition before it’s too late.
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